In Production: A sci-fi comedy about a dysfunctional cable news channel on the day aliens arrive.


Proceeds of final film to go to Unicef, Direct Relief, & Oxfam to help feed impoverished parts of the world.


Based on 'Not From Space' from XM Satellite Radio.


50% created by the "crowd."

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'Not From Space' is an independent feature film about human greed on the day aliens arrive.


In this satirical sci-fi comedy, our entire movie is a fictional news broadcast on the day aliens show up in orbit.  The channel's owner, the eccentric billionaire Jimbo Thomas, must face his obsession with becoming the world's richest man.

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Behind the scenes our production is just as innovative as the story itself, bringing multiple filmmakers together worldwide.

  • 14 actors in separate locations produced their news correspondent and pundit roles via green-screen.

  • Featuring Pamela Conover as first female Secretary of Defense.

  • Former Arkansas news anchor Jay Plyburn as White House Correspondent.

  • Spaceships built by Jake Kassnoff of Indy Mogul.

  • Premiere Radio's Kim Iversen as Justice Correspondent.

  • Directed by the Hitchcock Whisperer.

End Credits File (subject to change): NFS End Credits

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