So far 98 filmmakers, actors, and crowdfunding backers have joined this production. 15% of the film has already been completed.


Why is everyone so enthusiastic about the movie?  Find out below.


Based on the award-wining 'Not From Space' from SiriusXM Radio.

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Imagine watching TV on the day aliens arrive. 


NOT FROM SPACE is an independent feature film about human greed in the face of alien contact. It's based on the original 'Not From Space' radio play heard on SiriusXM.


In this sci-fi comedy, you're watching a fictional news channel owned by eccentric billionaire Jimbo Thomas. He must face his obsession with becoming the world's richest man while his nemesis, computer software mogul Bill Gates, tries to take over the broadcast.

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We are currently adding investors and executive producers for an October 2020 release. Contact

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