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Jeffrey Michael Bays is writer/producer of the award-winning Not From Space on SiriusXM, and is known by many as the "Hitchcock Whisperer."  He wrote two filmmaking books: Between the Scenes and Suspense With a Camera.  He also writes for MovieMaker Magazine, No Film School, LA Screenwriter, and The Director's Chair. 


As a leading expert on Alfred Hitchcock's techniques for over a decade, he frequently teaches master classes in Los Angeles, Atlanta, St. Louis, Palm Springs, Boulder, Buffalo, and Bern.  Jeffrey is an adjunct instructor at Lights Film School with a Master of Arts in Cinema from La Trobe University.  He directed the Australian film Offing David, and is currently producer of the Hitch20 docu-series exploring Hitchcock's works of TV.


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Hitch20 for Filmmakers

Many are surprised to find out that Alfred Hitchcock only directed 20 episodes of television.  In our Hitch20 series, we analyze each of those episodes for useful techniques that writers/directors can use today.  Over 3 hours of content, free on YouTube.

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