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Offing David
74 mins + Bonus Features

Our suspense comedy Offing David captures the very essense of the macabre style of Alfred Hitchcock.  Follow a lost phone passed around to random people.  There's just one thing people don't know - the owner of the phone is dead.  Featuring Nathaniel Buzolic (Vampire Diaries) as David.  Bonus Features include director's commentary, deleted scenes, and more.

Not From Space
108 mins

As heard on SiriusXM Radio, winner of the Mark Time and Communicator awards, listed by Time Out Magazine as among the top five radio plays of all time. Enjoy this epic tale of social satire and corporate greed, as the station you are listening to gets taken over by an alliance of billionaires and Martians. Product tie-ins are more important than this earth shattering news, until the station manager faces his own greed.

Suspense With a Camera
220 pages, paperback

Suspense is such a basic part of storytelling it can even be used in romantic comedy!  Written for screenwriters and directors by a leading expert on Hitchcock techniques, you’ll have fresh insights on crafting suspense beyond the cliché knives, corpses, and blondes that many associate with Hitchcock.

Between the Scenes
166 pages, paperback and eBook

With this new book, filmmakers and screenwriters can learn how to turn their scene transitions into dramatic gold.  Explore the lost art of scene tectonics: creating emotion from the strategic placement of scenes througout the rhythmic landscape of your film.

Hitchcock is back from the grave to tell modern directors what they are doing wrong.  Filmmakers and screenwriters can now learn Alfred Hitchcock's suspense techniques at a level of detail never before matched.  Film scholar Jeffrey Michael Bays has compiled quotes from Hitchcock's writings and interviews and weaved them together into this macabre guide to making films.