OFFING DAVID brings the fun back to Australian cinema in this homage to Alfred Hitchcock.  When David (Nathaniel Buzolic) gets 'offed' by his jealous university classmates, Adam and Matt (Richie Harkham and Adam J. Yeend), the only thing that can save him is his phone which is passed around to random people.  Suspense slowly builds in true Hitchcockian fashion, as our unwitting criminals get closer to getting caught.


Nathaniel Buzolic (Vampire Diaries) fans will enjoy looking back to his early acting days, as he is dragged around as a corpse, much like Philip Truex in Alfred Hitchcock's classic macabre The Trouble With Harry.  The film also stars TV's Asha Kuerten (My Family's Got GUTS, The Music Jungle, Studio Disney), as well as stage actors Adam J. Yeend, Richie Harkham, Brendan Clearkin, with Sascha Raeburn, and Russell Jeffrey.


OFFING DAVID is directed by the award-winning radio producer Jeffrey Michael Bays (Not From Space), written by Craig Moore, and produced by Richie Harkham.  Filmed in Sydney and the Blue Mountains in 2004-2005, this was an all-volunteer production with a cast and crew from Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, United Kingdom, and the United States.  Select songs in the film were from musicians heard on Australia's Triple J Radio.


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