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Enjoy Nathaniel Buzolic (Significant Mother, Vampire Diaries) as David in our new Offing David DVD, including multiple bonus features to enhance your appreciation of this Australian dark comedy. Watch the entire film with the director's commentary track, see deleted scenes, and more.


  • Visual Effects Featurette

  • Hitchcock Featurette

  • Full-length Director's Commentary

  • Four Deleted Scenes

  • Bloopers


You'll want to add this film right next to your Hitchcock collection, as it is highly influenced by this master director.

Fun to watch. Alfred Hitchcock fans will love it!

-Forris B. Day, Scared Stiff Reviews


I thought the film was brilliant. The use of classic techniques, great acting and editing, a brilliant soundtrack and a general feeling of honest filmmaking all made for top quality viewing. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

-Dan John, Dan John Won't Shut Up!


A certain B-Movie-ish charm.

-Simon Storey, Film Blerg